National Panel of Tenants and Service Users

Help us to improve social landlords’ services…

Who are SHR?

The Scottish Housing Regulator’s role is to protect the interests of tenants, homeless people and others who use the housing services of Councils, Housing Associations, Co-ops and other social landlords.  You can find out more about SHR's work here.

National Panel: what it’s for & why it’s important

SHR has set up a National Panel as one important way for us to hear what people think.  We will use your feedback to help make sure we're focusing on the important things.

Who can join

You can join if you are a tenant of a social landlord, are homeless, a home owner receiving factoring/common repairs services from a social landlord, or a Gypsy/ Traveller who uses a Council/housing association site.

What’s involved

As a Panel member we will send you occasional surveys asking for your views - no more than 2 or 3 a year.  Surveys will be quick and easy to complete.  You may also be asked to give feedback in other ways, if you choose.


For more information on joining the Panel, please click here.