Bield Housing and Care: Evaluation of the Retirement Housing Model

Craigforth has recently completed an evaluation of the new Retirement Housing Model for Bield Housing and Care.  The change programme was still ongoing at the time of the study, with the new model to be rolled out to 78 developments across 21 local authority areas.  As such, the study sought to assess the operation of the new Model but also Bield's management of the change process.  A mixed methods approach was taken but with a clear focus on primary qualitative research. The research approach was designed to capture the full range of issues, but critically then allow those issues to be explored in greater depth. The research included visits to 36 Retirement or Sheltered Developments and interviews with a range of tenants, staff and stakeholders.

Renfrewshire Council: Review of Sheltered, Very Sheltered and Extra Care Housing Services in Renfrewshire

Craigforth recently completed two parallel studies to provide a detailed assessment of current sheltered, very sheltered and extra care housing provision in Renfrewshire.  Working with a broad range of partner agencies delivering services, the primary aim for the studies was to provide an assessment of sheltered, very sheltered and extra care housing services against current and likely future needs, taking into account service user access and experience, and including detailed financial appraisal.

Housing Support Enabling Unit: Understanding the Impact of Charging for Housing Support Services

Craigforth has been appointed by the Housing Support Enabling Unit to undertake a study to assess the impact of charging on housing support services and those using housing support services.  The study is using a multi-strand approach to provide a detailed picture of current charging practice, engaging with commissioners and providers of services to consider the impact of differing policies on services and service users.  Study findings willhelp to inform future policy making around charging policy at local and national level.

East Lothian Council: Housing & Support Needs of Particular Needs Groups in East Lothian

Craigforth was commissioned by East Lothian Council to undertake an assessment of housing and housing support needs across eight particular needs groups in East Lothian.  The study provided a comprehensive assessment of the scale and nature of particular housing and housing support needs, informing the Local Housing Strategy update, and identifying gaps and potential future pressures on services.  Our approach involved a detailed desk-based review, engagement with stakeholders including service providers and current or prospective service users, and modelling of current and likely future need (including scenario planning).  An options appraisal was undertaken to develop a set of policy and service recommendations.