Scottish Housing Regulator: Regulatory Guidance Consultation

Craigforth has been appointed by the Scottish Housing Regulator to analyse responses to the SHR's consultation on an suite of updated Regulatory Guidance documents.  The consultatiuon sought views on eight separate but inter-connected documents covering a range of regulatory policy areas.  The analysis report and other study outputs will be used by the Scottish Housing Regulator to finalise the guidance documents prior to publication.

Scottish Housing Regulator: Evaluation of Tenant Assessors’ Initiative

Craigforth was appointed by the Scottish Housing Regulator (SHR) to undertake an independent evaluation of the SHR's Tenant Assessors’ InitiativeThe evaluation considered the role and work of Tenant Assessors, and considered options for the future of the Tenant Assessor Initiative in the context of a changed regulatory context.  A multi-strand evaluation methodology involved in-depth qualitative engagement with Tenant Assessors and SHR Regulation Managers, an e-survey and telephone interviews with landlords, and discussions with a range of other stakeholders.

Scottish Government: Second Consultation on a New Tenancy for the Private Sector

Craigforth have been appointed by the Scottish Government to analyse responses to the second consultation on a new private tenancy regime.  This second consultation takes forward findings from Craigforth's analysis of responses to the first consultation, and sets out proposals for a new tenancy system to improve security of tenure for tenants, while giving suitable safeguards for landlords, lenders and investors.  Outputs from the second consultation will form part of the eviodence base for development of the final new tenancy regime.

Scottish Housing Regulator: National Panel of Tenants and Service Users

Craigforth has recently completed the second year of engagement with the Scottish Housing Regulator's National Panel of Tenants and Service Users, having established the Panel in 2013.  The multi-strand engagement programme included a full Panel survey and in-depth qualitative research with 90+ Panel members and around 50 Gypsies/Travellers living on social rented sites.  This work considered a wide range of themes including rents and affordability, value for money, prioritiesw for landlords' service delivery and understanding of the Scottish Housing Regulator (SHR).  Results are feeding into SHR's other work strands, including the current Thematic Inquiry Programme.

The report is available at the Scottish Housing Regulator's website.